WHAT’S HAPPENING? Hilfield Solar Power Plant (Application 21/0050/FULEI)

The objectives of this note are to update on activity during the last couple of weeks and to emphasise and support the submission of comments and concerns that need to be sent to Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) before 24th February.

Whilst the priority is to maximise the number of objections received by HBC, we have also been researching the use of consultant and expert advice. When it recently became clear that Aldenham Parish Council were considering the same issues (we are not alone!) the Trust contacted the Chairman of the APC Planning Committee to seek agreement to support and use their consultant report. As mentioned in What’s Happening 1, the idea of having multitudinous consultants spraying advice in different directions is inadvisable. APC have now agreed and confirmed that this report (by DLA Planning Consultants) will be available to us and others. Indeed the report is now in the public domain and can be accessed and read at: https://aldenham-pc.gov.uk/document-category/15th-february-2021/ This information has been shared with other groups including Sharon Woolf’s “Save Our Green Belt” campaign and the Radlett Society and Green Belt Association. Give it a read – and if needed use it to support your submission to HBC.

Our friends at Bhaktivedanta Manor plan to use the DLA report to frame their objections, and Greg is encouraging their potentially voluminous support.

For those who Zoomed in to the APC Planning Committee Meeting on Monday afternoon you will have heard the unanimous support of that Committee in opposing the HSPP plans.

Following discussions with the Bursar, The Aldenham Foundation (Aldenham School) have decided to join LHVT in opposing the development plans. The submission subsequently sent to HBC was submitted therefore on behalf of LHVT and The Aldenham Foundation. The fact that the school wishes to help and support LHVT underlines their continuing support for the local community. Not sure of where Habs are on this??

The Trust has written to The Senior Planning Officer (Mr. Max Saunders) pointing out that key planning documents (60 pages of Glint and Glare Report appendices) appear to be inaccessible and unavailable – even though there are more than 1100 pages in total in the proposal. Whilst receipt of message is confirmed, a response is awaited.

Many of you (?) will have seen the posting from the “Save Our Green Belt” Group (Sharon Woolf) who are working their socks off on this thing. This could help ease the route to making submissions. As at Tuesday afternoon (17th) submissions to HBC stood at: Objections: 489 and Support: 63. Many believe that the objection number needs to be closer to 1000!

To repeat the submission options, HBC guidance is as follows – make comments by:

  1. Using their website http://www.hertsmere.gov.uk/comments quoting the planning application reference number: 21/0050/FULEI.
  2. Emailing your comments to: consult.planning@hertsmere.gov.uk
  3. Writing to: Planning and Economic Development Unit, Hertsmere Borough Council, Civic Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1WA quoting Planning Application 21/0050/FULEI
  4. https://www.stopthesolarplant.co.uk/

If you need help on the content of your submission, please contact Greg at gsrogers@gmail.com , or if you need assistance on how to best submit your response, contact Mike at micheal.pickford@btinternet.com

As you know:


Please ensure that this message is passed to friends and neighbours who may not access the Village Drum or the internet.

All submissions need to be received at HBC by 24TH FEBRUARY.


18th February 2021