Planning Applications

List of the village planning applications current and past. The latest application is shown at the top of the list. To view an application  click here and enter planning application in the search box.

Page last updated on  17/04/2022 (Updates shown in bold)   

page checked that details shown  are current and correct on 19/04/2022

Pheasants Retreat New Road            22/0207/FUL      09/02/2021  granted

Laurel Cottage New Road                  21/2416/HSE      17/12/2021 granted

The Taveners Common Lane              21/2429/HSE      20/12/2021  granted

White Cottage Grange Lane               21/1769/HSE      31./8/2021   granted

village green (playground sign)          21/1004/ADV      08/06/2021 withdrawn

Primrose Cottage Common Lane          21/0328/HSE     15/02/2021  withdrawn

Highfield Solar Plant                             21/0050/FULEI    08/01/2021 refused

Pheasants Retreat    New Road            20/0147/VOC      21/01/2021 granted

Three Horseshoes  The Green              20/1981/LBC       02/12/2020 granted

Three Horseshoes The Green               20/1980/FUL       02/12/2020 granted

Primrose Cottage Common Lane          20/2050/HSE     10/12/2020 granted

Triangle Cottage Back Lane                20/2051/HSE     10/12/2020 granted

Grocery Insisitute Grange Lane           20/1937/FUL    xx/12/2020  granted

The Taveners  Back Lane                      20/1925/HSE  xx/12/2020  granted (st 1)

Primrose Cottage common Lane          20/1093/HSE     21/07/2020  refused

Bhaktivedanta Manor                             20/0842/FUL    15/06/2020 granted

The Taverners  Back Lane                      20/0454/HSE    30/03/2020 withdrawn

Donard   Aldenham Road                       20/0321/HSE   02/03/2020 granted

Pheasants Retreat (was Chicken Shed) 19/2014/FUL 30/12/2019 refused (st 2)

Millfield House  Grange Lane                19/1626/FUL  14/10/2019 granted

The Grocery Institute  Grange Lane 19/1358/FUL   23/08/2019 granted

Rear Redwood now called Moles End   19/0757/MA                           granted

Rear Redwood grange  Ln (stables)  19/0352/FUL   07/03/2019 withdrawn

Flintwall cottage The Green               19/0285/VOC     28/02/2019 granted

The Chicken shed (bigger office)      19/0275/FUL       28/02/2019 granted

Bhakivedanta Manor                              19/0231/FUL      15/02/2019 granted

The Grocery inst Grange Lane         19/0284/FUL       25/02/2019 granted

Orchard View  Common Lane          19/0257/FUL       06/02/2019 granted

The Chicken Shed (Office)                   18/2358/VOC     18/12/2018 invalidated by HBC

Flintwall cottage the Green               18/2098/HSE        06/12/2019 granted

Orchard View Common Lane              18/1620/FUL      24/08/2018  refused

The Chicken Shed (residential)           18/1503/FUL     06/08/2018  withdrawn

Bhaktivedenta Manor                              18/1059/LBC       03/06/2018  granted

Flintwall Cottage The Green                18/0593/HSE       24/04/2018 withdrawn

IGD institute  Grange Lane                    18/0600/FUL        16/04/2018 granted

Bhaktivedenta Manor                                 18/0056/FUL       13/02/2018 granted

Rear of Redwood lodge Grange Lane   17/2307/FUL    12/12/2017 granted

The Chicken Shed (Offices)                      17/2167/FUL        14/11/2017 granted

Heathcroft Back Lane                                  17/2100/HSE     31/10/2017  granted

R ear of Redwood lodge  Grange Lane   17/1735/HSE  19/09/2017 withdrawn

Fusion Studio The Green                            17/1933/FUL     05/10/2017    granted

Triangle Cottage Back Lane                     17/1683/HSE   23/08/2017  granted

The Chicken Shed (the Orchard )       17/1668/FUL    23/08/2017   withdrawn         

Jade House Common La          17/1134/CLP    06/06/2017 granted (cert of dev only)

Bhaktivendanta Manor                             17/0567/FUL  30/03/2017  granted

Aragon Aldenham Road                            16/1583/CLP  15/08/2016 refused

2 Back Lane                                                      16/1155/LBC   28/07/2016 withdrawn

Aragon Aldenham Road                             16/1211/CLP    20/05/2016 refused

The Barn Grange Lane                               16/1269/HSE     28/06/2016 granted

The Barn Grange Lane                              16/1207/HSE      05/07/2016 granted

Rear of Redwood Lodge Grange Lane 16/0629/FUL  12/04/2016 refused

Aragon Coach House  Back Lane        16/0668/HSE     15/04/2016 granted

Grocery Inst  Grange Lane                       16/0355/FUL    04/04/2016 granted

The Apple Store New Road                      15/2006/FUL    18/11/2015   granted

Barn Cottage Grange Lane                       15/1701/HSE    25/09/2015  granted

Rear of the Old Barn Grange Lane          15/1711/FUL    28/09/2015  granted

The Apple store New Road                        15/1377/PD56  03/08/2015  withdrawn

Rear of the Old Barn Grange Lane           15/1017/FUL   15/06/2105  granted

Offley Cottage  The Green                          15/0820/HSE  15/05/2015   granted

1 The Green, The Green                               15/0279/HSE   17/02/2015   granted

The Barn Grange Lane                                15/0189/HSE   09/02/2015 – granted

Aragon Aldenham Road                               15/0188/HSE   06/02/2015 -granted

1 Sunnyside New Road                                 15/0036/HSE   09/01/2015 – granted

Dharam Marg (Bhaktivendanta Manor)   14/2087/FUL   22/12/2104 granted

Rose Cottage, Back Lane                              14/2000/HSE  10/12/2014 – granted

The Apple Store, New Road                         14/1929/HSE   28/11/2014 – granted

1 Sunnyside, New Road                                14/1742/HSE   03/11/2014 – refused

Four Trees, Common Lane                           14/1604/HSE   16/10/2014 – granted

Four Trees, Common lane                            14/1605/LBC   09/10/2014 – granted

5 Horewood Cottages, Back lane                14/1523/CLP   29/09/2014 – granted

Chapel Cottage, Back Lane                          14/1416/CLP   11/09/2014 – granted

1 The Green                                                    14/1127/MA    22/07/2014 – refused

Rear of Redwood Lodge & The Barn         14/1021/FUL   04/07/2014 – granted

Chapel Cottage, Back lane                           14/0523/HSE   08/04/2014 – refused

Wansford, Aldenham Road                        14/0485/HSE   03/04/2014 – granted

Old School House, Grange Lane                14/0429/HSE   26/03/2014 – granted

The Three Horseshoes                                 14/0278/FUL   03/03/2014 – refused

1 Horewood Cottages, Back Lane              14/0164/HSE   06/02/2014 – granted

Little Simpsons, New Road                        14/0138/PD56  03/02/2014 – granted

The Barn, Grange Lane                               14/0118/HSE   29/01/2014 – granted

Heath Cottage, Common Lane                  14/0094/VOC   27/01/2014 – granted

Aragon, Aldenham Road                            14/0086/CLP   24/01/2014 – granted

Old School House, Grange Lane               14/0017/HSE   09/01/2014 – withdrawn

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