Hall Hire

Aldenham War Memorial Hall, Grange Lane,

                      Letchmore Heath 

               Hertfordshire WD25 8DY

Frequently asked questions

How many people can the hall hold?

The hall is licensed for a maximum of 120 people.

Are there tables and chairs available for use?

Yes, there is a store room off the hall (at the end where the stage is and on the right hand side) where a large number of tables and chairs are stored.  There are a number of square and rectangular tables with wipe clean tops.  There are also some round tables which need a table cloth.  There are trolleys for moving both the tables and chairs.  Please do not drag tables and chairs across the floor as this damages the wooden floor.

Is there a kitchen?

Yes, the kitchen is at the far end of the hall on the left hand side.  It contains two fridges, one with a freezer compartment, a domestic cooker and a warming oven.  There is a sink, kettle and urn available for use.

Does the kitchen contain crockery and cutlery?

No, you will need to make your own arrangements.

Can we bring in our own caterer?

Yes, we do not have an in-house caterer.  You will need to make your own catering arrangements.

How much does it cost to hire the hall?

The rates for bookings made in 2015 will be £75 for a morning, afternoon or evening, or £140 for a full day. In addition, we also take a £50 security deposit for every booking, which should be provided in a separate cheque.

Why do you need a security deposit?

From time to time, rarely we are pleased to say, things happen which require time and money to put right: users leave the hall in a mess, things get broken, the hall is left unlocked after the event, the key is not returned and has to be replaced, the noise level is too high and neighbours have to be placated, rubbish is not thrown away and just dumped, and so on.  We therefore take a security deposit from all hall users that can be used to offset any additional costs eg cleaning, that are incurred as a result of someone’s hire.

So if all goes well, will you refund my security deposit cheque? 

No, we ask you to send two cheques when you book, one to cover the hire fee and the other for the deposit.  We only bank the first of these and hang onto your deposit cheque.  Assuming all goes well, we just destroy your deposit cheque after the event, which saves on administration and banking costs.

Can I view the hall in the evening?

No, the hall has different classes scheduled for the evenings.  The caretaker is usually in attendance on Mondays and Fridays between about 10.30 am and 1.30 pm and will be happy to show you round.  Outside of these times, you will need to make special arrangements to see the hall.

Does the hall have recycling facilities?  What do we do with rubbish after our event?

It is your responsibility to put all non-recyclable rubbish in bags and then into the black bins located to the side of the hall.  At the moment, the hall does not have any recycling facilities so any plastic or glass bottles must be removed by hall users and taken to a different recycling facility.

Will the caretaker clean up after our event?

You are responsible for clearing up after your own event, i.e. putting away tables and chairs, cleaning the kitchen (if used), throwing any rubbish and sweeping the floor.  Please leave the hall ready for the next user.

Can we play music?

As the hall is so close to residents’ house, we have a NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC policy, which means no discos or live bands.  We are aware that many children’s entertainers now use amplification and would ask that if you are having an entertainer who uses such a system, that you exercise some judgement and keep the noise down to an acceptable level.  We are getting increasing numbers of complaints about the noise from children’s parties and have now agreed that if we receive complaints about the noise at an event, it will lead to an automatic non-refund of the £50 deposit that we take.

How long will you hold the booking for?

We will reserve the booking for you and will send you a copy of the relevant documentation.  If we do not hear back from you with the form, hire cost and deposit cheque within 2 weeks, we will cancel the booking.

Where do we get the key from?

The week before your booking, you should make contact with the booking secretary, who will tell you where the key can be collected.

Does the hall have heating?

The hall heating is programmed on a weekly basis to be on for all events booked in the following week, for events that take place between 1st October and the 31st May.  The thermostat will have already been set at 20deg, so please do not adjust it.

Can our guests park at the hall?

As you may be aware, there is very limited parking at the hall.  There is space for a couple of cars on either side of the hall and for two cars in front of the hall.  We would ask that you inform your guests that they should park in the centre of the village and walk up to the hall, as otherwise the road outside the hall becomes very congested and it can be dangerous for pedestrians.

How do I book the Hall

Please contact us with your requirements & contact details at aldenhamwarmemorialhall@googlemail.com and we will come back to you