Faster Broadband


Letchmore Heath Village Trust (LHVT) seeks ways to support the local community.

A number of residents have mentioned problems with connectivity and speed of their broadband supply service. It appears that many of us may be paying for fast fibre broadband (“up to 64mbs”) but actually receive an average service of between 20 and 30 mbs. This is primarily caused by high speed fibre connections only reaching the junction box near Battlers Green Farm shops, with connections to the village and individual houses using old copper wire.

Openreach, who supply the hardware for telecommunications, suggest it is not possible to move the fibre box closer to the village. However, assuming sufficient interest Openreach has a Community Fibre Partnership scheme which would take high speed (up to 300mbs) connectivity into resident’s homes.

It is anticipated that funding support can be generated from local Councils (Parish, Borough and County), but to be able to assess costs we need to confirm how many homes in Letchmore Heath are interested in higher speed fibre broadband connection.

LHVT have set up a dedicated email address for this purpose.

So, if you wish to support this effort to deliver a higher speed broadband service to the village, please EMAIL your NAME and HOME ADDRESS to:

 LHVT will confirm interest and details once these are confirmed. Your contact details will not be passed to any third party.