Letter to HCC on Potholes

Highways Locality Officer,
Hertfordshire County Council

Dear Sir,


The village of Letchmore Heath is accessed by three roads. Two of these – Grange Lane and Common Lane – are now in a dangerous state of disrepair and LHVT would appreciate your advice and help in addressing the issues involved.

Whilst road quality has been a continuing challenge, many Letchmore Heath residents (as well as other road users) now have genuine concerns for personal safety as well as for any damage to vehicles or causing further deterioration to road surface and erosion of roadside banks.

Grange Lane has a series of deepening ruts and dips as well as three or four deep potholes. These cause vehicles to swerve to avoid them, and as some of these are near a sharp bend on a narrow road with banks either side, it’s easy to visualise the safety issues arising. Passing approaching vehicles is a lottery. Significant vehicle damage has already been reported.

The road surface in Common Lane – an even narrower road with high banks either side – continues to rapidly deteriorate. There are a number of potholes with one large pothole continually reappearing even after repair.

Common Lane is as a major conduit through the village and used for daily access by many parents from the Radlett / St Albans area taking their children (usually in large 4 x 4s) to Aldenham School.

The third access road to the village is Aldenham Road, which is subject to regular flooding, even when the weather has not been as wet as recent months. This road has benefitted from recent minor repair work at the flood site.

On behalf of Letchmore Heath residents, we would greatly appreciate and thank you for your active support in improving the roads serving the village.

Yours sincerely,


Chairman LHVT